What to expect when you arrive


When you arrive at Generations Community you can expect a friendly face at the door and a warm handshake.   We aren’t fancy or cool but we’re real.  What you see is what you get.

Inside you will find clear signage on the walls that point you toward the nursery, children’s department, bathrooms and anything else you will need.  In case we missed something there is an information center in the middle of the lobby for any questions.

Children are always welcome with us during the whole worship service but we also provide Children’s Church.  You can sign your children in at the booth marked Children’s Check-In.  Kids are typically dismissed to Children’s Church after the first or second song, but on the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate communion.  We hold the children a little longer so families can take communion together.

Teens are usually dismissed after the music to gather for a lesson.   On communion Sunday they stay in for the whole service and one Sunday a month they take over many of the volunteer positions.

What to expect from the Worship Service


The heart of worship is celebrating God. We believe that nobody in the world has more reason to celebrate than Christ’s followers. Jesus said he came to bring us life and that more abundantly. Every Sunday we gather to worship the living God with a strong sense of joy and fun. The atmosphere is relaxed and the people are happy, no boring religion here.

The preaching focuses on applying God’s truth to today’s living in a way that is positive and engaging. We seek to make the preaching time both inspirational and informational. God’s word is relevant to real life and modern audio visual methods are used in both preaching and music.

There is no dress code. Most people dress casually and comfortably. Whether you dress up, down or somewhere in between you will find other folks that are dressed the same.

We believe children are a great gift from God. Jesus welcomed the children so we do as well. Children are always welcome in our adult worship times. However, we also provide a full nursery, children’s worship time and Sunday School. These ministries are designed to minister to the specific developmental stages of your child.

Here is a quick overview of what takes place on a regular Sunday service.

• The worship band will open with a song or two.

• Someone will come up front to say “HELLO”, talk about what’s happening in the life of our church, and pray.

• The worship band will lead us in a few more songs to help us connect with God.

• One of our Pastors will share a message that can be applied to your life.

• We’ll take an offering. This is also a great time to turn in your Info Cards.

• The service will last about 70 minutes.

Generations Community Church

8240 64th St NE
Marysville, WA 98270
United States