COVID Update – Plan to Return to Corporate Worship

Our Plan To Return To Worship

Assumptions for all Phases

  1. Social Distancing will still be required through all stages and potentially beyond.
  2. We will follow all medically recommended (CDC) precautions.
  3. We will follow the phased guidelines laid out by our governor.
  • The plan will be appropriately modified to fit any changes in the phases or new directives.
  1. The unstructured and family nature of Sunday Morning Worship gatherings will create unique challenges.
  2. We are committed to being a learning organization.
  3. We understand that some will not feel comfortable returning until much later.
  4. Be Gumbi – stay flexible!


Phase 1 (Current)

  1. All Activities in the building cancelled.
  2. Worship Service online only.
  3. Continue to facilitate connection and organizational meetings via video conferencing.

Phase 2 (June?)  Gatherings of no more than 5 people outside your family per week

  1. Some small Life Groups can begin meeting.
  2. Worship team live on Sunday’s
  3. Parking Lot worship with Wi-fi.

Phase 3 (July?) Gatherings of no more than 50 with physical distancing

  1. Gatherings of not more than 50 may resume.
  2. All Life Groups may resume.
  3. Medium size groups can resume activities. (Jetsetters, Sr. Adults, Youth Group, etc)
  4. Encourage all life groups and medium sized groups to gather for offsite worship Live Stream worship.
  5. Church Office opens.
  6. In person organizational meetings may resume.


Phase 4 (late July or early August?) Gatherings of more than 50 with physical distancing

  1. Resume normal Worship with social distancing.
  • Appropriate social distancing measures and reminders will be in place.
  • Multiple services in order to maintain Social Distancing. (8 am Traditional, 9:30 and 11:00 Contemporary.)
  1. Communion
    • Gloved ushers hand people self-contained communion as they come into the Worship Center
  2. Offering Boxes at the back of the Worship Center will replace passing the offering plates.
  3. High touch surfaces cleaned between services.
  4. Alternate pews will be roped off.
  5. Internal doors will be propped open to avoid touching.
  6. Gloved Ushers/Greeters for opening and closing external doors when it’s cold.
  7. Social Distancing Signage.
  8. Free Coffee bar.
    • Gloved volunteers to serve.
    • Sneeze guard
  9. Latte Stand
    • Extra Training
    • Masks
    • Constant cleaning.
    • Sneeze Guard
  10. Extra Bathroom Cleaning.
  11. Wipes and hand sanitizer everywhere.
  12. Children’s church will plan will be updated later.
    • We may do a Family Services (Kids with parents) for a few weeks.
  13. Greeters
    • No hand shaking
    • Open external doors for people.
  14. No Bulletins. (slides and electronic downloads)
  15. All moveable seating will be reconfigured for Social Distancing.


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